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THINK AGAIN 1997-2012

THINK AGAIN is an artist-activist collaborative founded in 1997 by S.A. Bachman and David John Attyah. THINK AGAIN expects something political from art and uses images to challenge indifference. The collaborative views cultural work as essential to affecting social change and engaging people in the political process. Their work — mobile billboards, outdoor projections, guerilla interventions, digital murals, and viral poster campaigns — links the global to the local and combines cultural theory, sociological research, and activism to create a visual language for activating civic dialogue. The projects of THINK AGAIN explore a unique range of issues including queer liberation, economic inequality, the ways capitalist culture conspires to jeopardize the outnumbered, undocumented labor and the treatment of immigrants, racism, militarization, gentrification and displacement, and gender parity.

Many of THINK AGAIN's projects privilege face-to-face interactions. Attyah and Bachman hand out postcards at Pride parades, park mobile billboards in front of City Halls and grocery stores, and distribute posters to activists mobilizing against injustice. As part of its mission, the collaborative dispenses all of its printed matter free-of-charge through grassroots community organizations, art spaces, unions, academic institutions, and the internet.


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ACTIONS SPEAK, outdoor projection, Worcester Museum of Art

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